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Greetings Mothers, Fathers & Families!

It would be a joyful delight and profound honor to be a part of your birth team and to provide you with kind and understanding doula care during your birth journey. I trust in a woman's innate ability to naturally birth her baby. I uphold and respect the way a mother and her family choose to have their birthing experience. 

A Little About Me:

I have been active in the field of holistic bodywork since 1994. Along the way I became versed in a variety of bodywork modalities and therapies, eventually evolving my practice to focus on assisting women achieve greater levels of healthy balance in their lives.  In 2010 I completed Labor Doula training at Twin Lakes College in Santa Cruz, California. I attend home, birth center or hospital births in Santa Barbara, Ventura and Los Angeles Counties (CA). 

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About My Services:

Labor Doula CareI help expectant mothers/couples become better informed with the various available birthing options and acquaint them with common medical procedures surrounding childbirth in a hospital setting. Additionally, I connect them with local pregnancy, birth and baby related resources as well as offer support in writing out their birth preferences. This process helps families become clear about their aspirations and intentions, creating a sense of empowerment that will be crucial during labor and delivery. I am fully present with the laboring mother when requested, until baby is happily bonding with the family.

Massage Therapy- Customized massage therapy services are offered in my Westside Santa Barbara healing sanctuary or in-home in LA & Ventura Counties. I work on pregnant/non-pregnant women, and on men (by referral only). 

I look forward to serving you!